NZEB Retrofit Skills

Retrofit Skills

This course aims to provide participants the knowledge and skill to insulate a building using best practices. This includes internal, external, floor and roof insulation. Participants will also learn how to make a building airtight to minimise unwanted energy losses.


  • Legislation Relating to Conservation of Energy
  • Principles of Heat Loss in a Dwelling
  • Characteristics of Insulation including Performance Values
  • Characteristics of Draught Proofing Materials
  • Insulating Roof, Walls and Floors Aimed at Increasing Energy Efficiency of Dwellings
  • Draught Proofing Key Elements Aimed at Increasing Energy Efficiency of Dwellings
  • Environmental Impact of Insulation and Disposal of Waste Common hazards Associated with Insulation
  • Generate a Health and Safety Initiative for Insulation and Draught Proofing Systems
  • Cut, Shape and Fix a Range of Insulation Types
  • Install a Range of Draught Proofing Systems
  • Develop Strategies to Reduce the Risk of Damage to Insulating Materials
  • Safely Use Hand and Power Tools to Install Insulation and Draught Proofing

Course Duration

Blended delivery

  • 2 half days online
  • 4.5 days onsite

Assessment Details

  • Theory Assessment (2 ½ hours) (70% Pass rate must be achieved)
  • Practical Assessment (220 minutes)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Construction experience is desirable but not necessary

Course Fees

  • This course is fully funded through the Skills to Advance programme

Course Requirements

  • PPE must be worn when completing practical elements of this qualification


  • QQI Certification
  • CIF Approved

Upcoming Dates


Blended learning

Online: 19th and 20th March (9.00 – 13.30)

On site: 25th – 29th  March (9.00 – 16.30)

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Blended learning

Online: 3rd – 4th April (9.00 – 13.30)

Onsite: 8th – 12th April (9.00 – 16.30)

Blended learning:

Online: 15th and 16th April (9.00 – 13.30)

Onsite: 22nd – 26th April (9.00 – 16.30)


Blended learning;

Online: 29th and 30th April (9.00 – 13.30)

Onsite: 7th – 13th May (9.00 – 16.30)

Blended learning:

Online: 20th and 21st May (9.00 – 13.30)

Onsite: 27th – 31st May (9.00 – 16.30)

For bookings please contact Bebhinn or Karen at / 0858049519 / 0579353791