NZEB External Wall Insulation

NZEB External Wall Insulation


This course aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to apply external wall insulation (EWI) using best practices. At the end of this course, successful learners will have received the theoretical and practical training required to be able to participate in the preparation, setting out, and practical application of EWI as part of a retrofit project.


  • Theory (on-line) Modules
    • Building Physics
    • Health and Safety
    • EWI Components
    • System Classes
    • Preparation and Design Consideration
    • Introduction to Site Practices
    • Communication
  • Practical (hand-on) Modules
    • Preparation and Sub-Plinth Insulation Application
    • Above Plinth Insulation Application
    • Services and Penetrations
    • Window and Door Opes
    • Eaves Detailing
    • Party Wall and Movement Joints
    • Clean and safe work area

Course Duration

  • 2 half days online
  • 4.5 days onsite

Eligibility Criteria

  • This course is aimed at experienced construction workers who are seeking to transition their offering to include external wall insulation. Applicants for this course will need to be competent in a range of core construction skills such as accurate measurement and setting out, precision in cutting and shaping of materials, mixing and handling of mortar-like materials.

Course Fees

  • This course is fully funded through the Skills to Advance programme

Course Requirements *For Online Delivery

  • Smart device with Camera (PC/Laptop/Tablet)
  • Zoom (For online Zoom class delivery)
  • Suitable stable Wi-Fi


  • QQI Level 5 Certification (Minor Award)
  • CIF Approved

Upcoming Dates


Blended learning:  

Online: 6th and 7th June (9.00 – 12.30)  

Onsite: 10th – 14th June (9.00 – 16.30) 

Booking Link: 

For bookings please contact Bebhinn or Karen on / 0858049519