NZEB Air Tightness and Vapour Control Installer (AVCI)

NZEB Airtightness and Vapour Control Installer (AVCI)

This course aims to provide participants with knowledge of the principles of Airtightness and Vapour Control and the ability to install Airtightness and Vapour Control components.


  • Airtightness and Vapour Control Principals – Part L and Part F, understanding the importance of Vapour Control and Airtightness in buildings.
  • Building Physics – Principals of heat loss, Role of ventilation, and impacts of high air permeability,
  • Building Fabric – Windows and doors, attic hatches, walls, floors, and roofs.
  • Airtightness and Vapour Control Components – Membranes, tapes, Caulks, Gaskets, etc, and the correct installation thereof.
  • Airtightness and Vapour Control Strategies – Unbroken continuity, sequencing, best practice, MMC ( Modern Methods of Construction)
  • Health and Safety – Safe site practices.
  • Communication and User Information – the importance of communication during and after construction.

Course Duration

  • 2 half days online
  • 3 days onsite

Eligibility Criteria

  • This course is aimed at experienced construction workers who are seeking to transition their offering to include the application of airtightness, tapes and membranes.  Applicants for this course will need to be competent in a range of core construction skills such as accurate measurement and setting out, and precision in cutting.

Course Fees

  • This course is fully funded through the Skills to Advance programme

Course Requirements *For Online Delivery

  • Smart device with Camera (PC/Laptop/Tablet)
  • Zoom (For online Zoom class delivery)
  • Suitable stable Wi-Fi


  • QQI Level 5 Certification (Minor Award)
  • CIF Approved

Upcoming Dates


Blended learning:  

Online: 12th and 13th June (13.30 -17.00) 

Onsite: 18th – 20th June (9.00 – 16.30) 

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Blended learning:  

Online: 27th and 28th June (9.00 – 12.30) 

Onsite: 2nd – 4th July (9.00 – 16.30) 

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Blended learning:  

Online: 9th and 10th July (9.00 – 12.30) 

Onsite: 15th – 17th July (9.00 – 16.30) 

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Blended learning:  

Online: 29th and 30th July (9.00 – 12.30) 

Onsite: 6th – 8th August 

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Blended Learning:  

Online: 26th and 27th August (9.00 – 12.30) 

Onsite: 2nd – 4th September (9.00 – 16.30) 

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To express interest in this programme contact Bebhinn or Karen at / 0858049519

NZEB Airtightness and Vapour Control Installer (AVCI)