Certified Passive House Tradesperson

Certified Passive House Tradesperson

Passive House buildings are energy efficient buildings that provide users with high levels of comfort and excellent air quality around the clock. They may not look any different from other buildings, but good planning as well as careful execution of the details is essential in the construction of such projects. This ensures that the high requirements for the building envelope and technology can be met. As a result, building professionals need additional expertise which can be acquired with the Certified Passive House Tradesperson course. 


  • Passive house Criteria  
  • 5 Pillars of Passive House Principles  
  • Ecology & Comfort  
  • PHPP and other planning Principles  
  • Economic efficiency  
  • Construction Process and quality Assurance  
  • User Information and User Support  
  • Thermal Insulation in the Passive House  
  • Basic Principles thermal bridge Free Construction  
  • Passive House Windows  
  • Airtightness  
  • Ventilation  
  • Heat Supply 

Course Duration

  • 3 Days in duration (3 days training on-site including assessment) 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must have a relevant trade.

Course Fees

  • This course is fully funded through the Skills to Advance programme.


Passive House Institute 

Upcoming Dates

Ongoing intake throughout the year.

To express interest in this programme contact Bebhinn at bkennedy@loetb.ie / 0858049519